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In continuation with our previous blog, here is part 2 of the ultimate guide to healthy hair.

Question. Is applying ghee on the scalp beneficial?

Answer. Applying ghee on the scalp may be beneficial but when compared to Ayurvedic medicated oils, ghee is not preferred as the condensing property of ghee makes it difficult to penetrate very deep to the roots. Additionally, if you are a Pitta type you can use Yashtimadhu Nasya oil. Avoid Coconut oil in winters.

Question. How to cool down your hair and scalp after coloring?


  • 1) By applying cool oils to your scalp and/or using putting aloe vera packs on your head.
  • 2) Cover and protect your hair from sun when outdoors.
  • 3) Adequate and restful sleep. Make sure that you are sleeping between 10 pm and 2 am as these hours are crucial for your body to repair and cool down.
  • 4) Avoid foods that are inherently bad for your hair such as – egg plants, tomatoes, urad dal, excessive spices.
  • 5) Do inversions to improve blood supply to the head. (supervision advised)

Question. Can I use a combination of Henna and Indigo powder to color the hair?

Answer. These are very drying, it will give the required color but it’s important to make sure you oil you hair regularly.

Question. Can we practice Pranayama in the evening after dinner?

Answer. It is not advised to practice Pranayama on a full stomach. You can do Anulom Vilom and Brahmri in the evening only if you haven’t eaten in the last one hour.

Question. Can I take Neem tablets for hair fall?

Answer. Neem is very drying for the hair and hence it is not advised.

Question. The presence of COVID has dried up our system and watching too much news causes anxiousness, causing a lot of hair fall. Can you advise what can we do?

Answer. The present times can be very challenging and watching the news can have adverse effects on our health. Take this time to go within – use the present time as an opportunity. Do your breath work. 

“Sneha” means love and it also means oil. Oil and massage your body and give yourself time for self-care activities.

Question. Any suggestions for people who have night jobs?

Answer. You can do Shiro Pichu. Before sleeping, drink a glass of milk with nutmeg before and avoid eating a heavy meal.

Practice Pranayama (Anulom Vilom) and avoid using the phone before sleeping.

Question. Can we put oil in the ears?

Answer. Karana Purana (the Ayurvedic practice of putting warm oil in the ears) is a Dincharya (daily) practice.

It’s good to oil the ears as it feeds the nervous system and tissues in a similar manner the food we ingest feeds the body. In fact, the upper part of the body can be nourished through administering oils through nose, head and ears.

It is advised to use oils based on your dosha type.


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