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In conversation with Dr. Nidhi Pandya – third generation Ayurvedic practitioner. Speaking from pure experience and from her immense love for Ayurveda, Dr. Nidhi shares some wonderful tips and answers questions related to every day hair care through the perspective of Ayurveda.

She strongly believes that it is important to understand the principles before following any Ayurvedic practice, so that one is more likely to sustain it and understand the effects it has on one’s own body.

She can be found at: Instagram: @my_ayurvedic_life

Question. Can we reverse greying of hair?

Answer. Greying of hair results due to the burning of melanin cells that give color to the hair. This happens when there is excess heat that is formed in the body ie. excessive Pitta accumulation. Long periods of stress lead to building heat and drying up of the nervous system and fluids associated with it, the collagen and the oil glands leading to greying of hair.

So, it’s not possible to reverse the greying of hair but it’s definitely possible to make sure that the new hair that grows is darker and healthier. So, in order to slow down greying, its important to work towards lessening the excess heat in the system.

One way to get the heat out of the system is through a Kansa Bowl Foot Massage. 

Question. “I am experiencing a lot of hair fall in spite of oiling my hair, using organic, paraben and sulphate free shampoo and trimming regularly. What should I do?”

Answer. There are two ways to look at hair fall. One is the external reality and the other is what is happening internally within the body.
Tying your hair too tight and not brushing it can lead to hair fall which is the external reality. The tissues in the body get fed in a certain order, the essential tissues are nourished first and the last among these tissues are the bone tissues. A part of the bone and fat tissue constitutes your hair on the scalp.

Excessive wind or drying in the body is caused by harsh diets or low fat diets.
Staying up a lot of night – causes the nervous system to move faster which creates excess wind leading to drying. Here are some more ways to prevent hairfall:

1. Do inversions or head stands to improve the blood supply to the head. (supervision advised)
2. Use light weight Ayurvedic medicated light hair oils. Have a look at our Brahmi & Hibiscus Hair Massage Oil
3. Use clean products and avoid coloring of hair.
4. Practise Shatavari Ghrita Nasya every morning ideally after Pranayama (advised for age group between 30-50 and if you don’t have any toxic undigested waste and heat related symptoms.)

Question. Does coloring of hair affect the new hair that is growing?

Answer. Coloring of hair is a very harsh process which affects the entire scalp and the new growing hair. It not only degenerates the cells but also affects its lifespan. Additionally, gasses like Ammonia get absorbed by the system too causing harm.

Question. How many times should you oil your hair?
Answer. Ideally, hair can be oiled everyday through the technique of Shiro Pichu but it is not advised to wash your hair every day, as shampooing daily depletes the natural sebum and oils.

Hence, it is advised to oil hair twice or thrice a week only. Use a light shampoo post oiling your hair that doesn’t strip of the natural sebum. 

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