Shikakai oil extract

Shikakai oil extract

Boost hair growth

Nicotinic Acid, Lactone and Vitamin K in Shikakai oil extract increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Stimulate hair growth

Shikakai oil extract is a great source of essential vitamins especially vitamin C. It helps to promote hair growth by giving scalp a collagen boost.


Shikakai oil extract contains Tannins, Alkaloids, Flavonoids and all those Vitamins that are anti-oxidative in nature. It lessen the rate of hair thinning, by removing harmful free radicals, which surrounds hair bulbs.


Rich content of Vitamin E in shikakai oil extract moisturize hair giving it soft and shiny look and lessen split ends.


Shikakai oil extract soothe inflamed scalp with its cooling and antiseptic properties restore its health.


Antifungal properties of shikakai oil extract helps in reducing the fungal infection from the scalp.

Soft and shiny hair

Saponins in shikakai oil extract make hair soft, shiny and detangle easier. 

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