Draksha Seed Oil

Draksha Seed Oil

Accelerate hair growth

The proanthocyanidins present in draksha seed oil promote hair follicle cell proliferation by quickening the transfer of the inactive phase to the growth phase during the hair growth cycle.


The high mineral, protein, linoleic acid and Vitamin E content of draksha seed oil enhances hair growth by nourishing the hair and scalp.


Draksha seed contains flavonoids called procyanidin oligomers. It is a powerful antioxidants that prevents hair damage.

Anti DHT

Rich antioxidant content in draksha seed oil blocks DHT production, a hormone that causes hair loss.


Draksha seed oil moisturizes a dry, flaky scalp through its nutrient and emollient properties.

Boost hair growth

Linolenic acid in draksha seed oil stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness.

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