About Us


SOVA is a promise to seed goodness, nourishment and unequivocal beauty into your everyday life. Driven by honesty and backed by equal parts nature and science, SOVA bottles together the mysteries of ancient India and modern research to make you look and feel beautiful and confident.

SOVA is the brainchild of two women driven by passion and purpose. Vasu, a graduate from FIT, New York, spends a lot of time on the road for her trunk shows, leaving her with little time to tend to her and her daughters’ hair and skin needs. She wanted a range of products that would protect and heal hair and skin from harmful chemicals, pollution and damage caused by UV rays. She couldn’t find any product in the Indian or international market that balanced both natural ingredients with safe science.

A few miles away from Vasu’s home, her niece Sneha J. Jhaveri faced similar issues. She wasn’t satisfied with the products on offer for her clients at Vous, a luxury hair salon in Mumbai. A third generation entrepreneur trained in Singapore and a stickler for perfection, Sneha didn’t want to settle for products that were doing more harm to her clients’ hair than good. She knew that there was a gaping hole in the market for products that were based on natural ingredients and cutting edge scientific research.

They put their heads together and thought, why not use their family’s scientific knowledge and background in pharmaceuticals to create hair and skin products for the 21st century? They turned to H.I. Gandhi, formerly of Lyka Labs, who has fifty years of pharmaceutical, healthcare and Ayurveda experience. Mr. Gandhi founded and runs Millennium Herbal Care – a company at the forefront of natural wellness and beauty. He became the backbone in bringing Vasu and Sneha’s vision to life.

After years of dedicated research, trials and collaborating together as a family in the lab, the trio finally created a range of world-class personal care products that combine nature with science.

Packed with the goodness of botanicals, proteins, and aminos, SOVA is safe, effective hair and skin care for your daily needs. SOVA combines the best of beauty, integrity and heritage.